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I will assume most people reading this already know that the DVLA sells on drivers’ names and addresses to private parking firms, at £2.50 a time. This is public information.

Given DVLA sold over 3 million peoples' addresses in 2015, the DVLA made in excess of £7.5m from this. DVLA PR department say they make no profit, of course.

This number is getting bigger every year.

More data sold, more money coming in to DVLA coffers. But no profit, they say.

I note that this data is being transferred to parking firms that, in the words of the Transport Committee, “operate on the edge of legality”;

the same parking firms that have appeared on various consumer watchdog programs, such as BBC Watchdog;

the same parking firms that Citizens’ Advice Scotland runs a separate campaign about;

the same parking firms that have been accused of, and some taken to court for allegations of fraud etc etc.

And other things like this:

Why would the DVLA want to pass on millions of peoples’ information to firms that operate on the 'edge of legality'? After all, DVLA insists, THEY DO NOT MAKE PROFIT FROM THIS!!

CaseHub’s theory is that they are lying. They are making a lot of money. Let us explain:

2+2 = 5 in Swansea HQ

The DVLA in December 2013 said it cost £2.84 to transfer on each piece of data. They broke that down as follows:

Postage and printing?

This one is very odd because almost all of driver data is disclosed electronically. There is no posting and printing involved.

Salaries are an odd one to mention, because on own DVLA’s admission, their selling-data regime (known as the ‘electronic link’) has no human oversight.

Why, having a human manually check the parking firm application prior to releasing the data would actually cost them £2.50!

For 2015, the combination of non-existent postage/printing costs and inexplicable salaries added up to £4.3m.

Development costs?

This one I don’t really get – Is this on top of the £5m cost it cost them to build the system back in 1996? Since 2006 the DVLA has apparently racked up £10.6m of ‘development costs’ for its data sharing system. Seems expensive.

Overhead costs.

Thx for specifying DVLA. Whatever it is, it has cost £8.3m since 2006. My guess is more of these:

Our thesis is that the actual cost of transferring data automatically is pennies. DVLA actually makes 2 pounds-something for every persons' data set released.

Whatever it is, the DVLA itself cannot keep to its own story

Prior to 2014, the DVLA have always insisted that they do not make profit in the sale of driver data.

But DVLA has previously admitted that it has made a surplus!

They label this as 'contribution to Agency overhead costs'.

While insisting no profit is made, DVLA also maintains that taxpayer money is not used to subsidise selling on driver data to parking firms. If they do not make profit, nor use public money, it means that they break even:

But in 2014 the DVLA was saying that taxpayer money was being used to subsidise the sale of driver data to parking co's:

So, is the DVLA using taxpayer money or not? Is it making a profit or not? Why are they maintaining both narratives at the same time, despite them releasing data which proves both of these statements as wrong?

Up to February 2015, the DVLA kept to the new story that there was a publicly-funded shortfall:

But a few months later (September 2015), DVLA once again began saying that public money is not being used:

This is odd.

The explanation

It's a combination of word-play and lies.

Historically, when asked for driver data, DVLA had a civil servant manually process the application before handing any information over to a parking firm (or police, local council etc). This cost them £2.50 of civil servant time, calculated through a time-in-motion study. This explains salary, postage and printing costs: it was done manually and sent off in the post.

That was a long time ago though. Whenever asked about the cost of data transmission today, including in Parliament in 2014, the DVLA /Dpt Transport conveniently assumes that are were being asking about the old, antiquated paper system – the one that accounts for next to nil of all requests. Almost all data requests are electronic. No postage, no printing, definitely not £4m of salaries per year.

Through using figures for the old manual system that genuinely cost £2.50 per request, DVLA has created the impression that there is a publicly-funded shortfall. After all, tax-payer subsidy of parking firms is definitely better than MAKING MILLIONS FROM SELLING ON MILLIONS OF DATA SETS AT 2.50 EACH!!

So, have the DVLA 'lied' to Parliament and the public? Yes.

  • They have intentionally misled people through the manipulation of figures and bizarre assumptions about what people really mean when they are asked about the cost of transmitting data to parking firms, in FOI requests, media interviews etc.
  • They deny using tax-payer money, even though on their own admission they use tax payer money (we maintain this is false in any event)
  • They have denied making a profit when all available data suggests the very opposite (non-existent P&P costs; their admission of a surplus in 2013-14);

In summary: in the attempt to weave a narrative about not making profit, nor using public money, they have done the very opposite, and oscillated between apparently losing money (a ridiculous suggestion giving everything is automatic) and breaking even (which is not true).

We're kidding about buying golden Macbooks: word on the street is that senior DVLA staff get bonuses based on data sold.

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ruben skylan

i'm more worried about the privacy issue that the profit issue.

Taff Williams

It is all irrelevant I'm afraid. Yes it's wrong and yes they are bad boo hoo but even if you/we have a mountain of hard evidence, backed up with proven law etc, do you honestly think the establishment will allow you a fair day in court?? There are bigger and far more serious CRIMES against we the citizens going on every day that go to court believing that the judges will uphold the rule of law, only to find that the law does not exist when it comes to our corporate owned and controlled legal system. Don't waste your time, THERE IS NO JUSTICE BECAUSE THERE IS NO HONOUR IN OUR LEGAL SYSTEM OR GOVERNMENT, it there for us all to see every day.


Doing nothing is utterly foolish, thinking you not going to achieve any thing is suicidal (take help). Go for it casehub I will support you and will help, I would rather die in battle that get complete idiots to manage the biscuit tin.


To be honest, with the govt so cash strapped at the moment, if they're making money out of it, why not. BUT, I wish they'd be honest and I wish they'd respect the Data Protection Act. How do we have any assurance that these car parking companies are legitimate?


you must fight these 2 bit pen pushers, all over the country our freedom is being eroded. Cameras where ever you walk, phone tapping, you can't wipe your arse without someone knowing. The councils employ teams to go round your waste bins, checking its in the right bin. Traffic wardens, little 2 bit hitlers, give em a badge and they think they are gods gift to . saving the country from some poor soul parking for 10 minutes on a yellow line ...don't forget the MPs expenses scandal,

English Thru to the bone...

Well What more can you expect, we gotta German Queen, with a Greek Sponging Husband,, A Scottish Prime Minister,,( Cameron) and the friggin Welsh running our Driving Laws,,,The whole countrys Fucked....


Case hub well done for publishing this and bringing it to light and out for the public to see exactly what is going on right in front of us all.... Too many corporations are misleading and stealing from the public, inparticulary the more vulnerable and people in poverty.
Far too many corporations and individual people have scammed the people of the U.K for too long and this is why so many people have/are waking up :-) As for the comment above (sorry cant remember name) regarding the government needing money... Sorry to say, but I mean this in the nicest way, the government has got you brainwashed if you truly believe that..... Why do you think that when it comes to pensioners, people on low budgets/poverty etc etc, the government claims there is no money, yet they will miraculously make appear billions in a blink of am eye to fund wars and give themselves pay rises... Think about it!!

I follow case hub and they are great in what they do.... As many people as possible should support them because at the end of the day. When the corruptness diminishes, then and only then can equality begin


Isn't their some law that states our information can not be sold or passed on unless we opt-into it by agreeing? I didn't agree for DVLA to pass my data on..And if they have duped us into agreeing by some small print that's misleading. Also doesn't DVLA just have info on who's the registered keeper not who is the driver....so any PCN that comes through your door just say sorry I wasn't the driver. ....goodbye.


The fraudulent photographs UKPC above, included in demand as supporting evidence are intereresting to me because I have recently caught Parking Eye out in the same fraud. The photographs they say are my car at arrival 12.58 and 15.28 depart (at hospital family emergency!) show my car in exactly the same spot in a single space parking bay. However, 20 minutes after my arrival, I moved my car. Thereafter and at my exit time, I was between cars, 100 yds away from the original spot. I left the car park from the second parking space. The photographs submitted as evidence by Parking Eye on 30/04/16 are therefore also fraudulent! They are all at it and looking like ALL the time. No fraud case brought against them in the courts has been a deterrent then!!! Crims just do not give up their lucrative lives of crime easily do they!!!!!

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