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You can check to see if you have a parking CCJ here.

Many drivers are discovering that they have a CCJ (County Court Judgment) against their name, but no idea why. When they access their credit report, they discover they lost a court case they have heard nothing about, concerning a parking ticket they were never informed of.

Subject to sufficient group interest, CaseHub will run a class action to get people whose credit rating has been wrecked through hidden parking charges compensation.

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This case is for people who have had CCJs (county court judgments) entered against their name because they were sued by a parking company, without knowing about it. This happens most often when DVLA passed on someone's previous address to the parking firm, or when a parking firm takes too long to pursue you, and you move house by the time they get round to doing it.

The strongest candidate to join are those who kept their registered keeper address up to date with the DVLA. However, you can still apply to join if you are unsure of this or did not.

May 17, 2016

Parking Eye is exposed to a class action for wrongfully giving drivers CCJs: if enough people join, Parking Eye face bankruptcy.

Mar 01, 2016

We are here to expose the DVLA's dirty little secret. Full documentary coming soon.

Feb 20, 2016

Check out how the DVLA is unashamedly lying to you and Government.