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  • Thousands of drivers have CCJs without knowing it – and their credit record is wrecked
  • They can join a class action against Parking Eye for compensation
  • If enough people join, Parking Eye might go bankrupt
  • We need to find the affected CCJ victims. You might be one of them. If not you can still share this on.

There is a problem. But we have a solution.


Many drivers are discovering they have CCJs (County Court Judgments) against their name, with no idea why. CCJs are bad because it means you cannot get credit (either at all, or find it very hard). We covered this phenomenon in our documentary. The Parking Prankster covered it back in late 2014.

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Most drivers with a CCJ don't know about it. Those who do know find out several years after they got sued, when they apply for a mortgage, a credit card, a phone contract, loan etc and are denied.

But most drivers who are affected wth CCJs still do not know. You can check online to see – there are plenty of providers who will do an online credit check – here is one that does it for free.

Why is this happening?

Parking Eye – the UK's largest parking company (operating in a lot of hospitals, supermarkets, retail parks etc) – sometimes send their parking tickets to the wrong address. We know because we have heard from a lot of them. This means the driver does not know they got a ticket (traffic wardens are not used anymore). A court claim is eventually sent to the wrong address, which is ignored, and the driver loses a court claim because he / she did not turn up to defend the claim. The person then has a CCJ.

Parking Eye issue a lot of court claims every year (30,000 in 2014 and 25,000 in 2015). We will assume Parking Eye have issued 60,000 small claims in total, over the past 6 years. The real number is probably something like 70,000- 80,000: maybe even 100,000.

Parking Eye get driver addresses from the DVLA. The DVLA database of drivers is not wholly accurate – DVLA research puts it between 70 and 99% accurate. We will use the figure of 95%.

It follows that 5% of court claims Parking Eye sends out are sent to the wrong address. On our numbers, we can conservatively estimate 3,000 drivers have 'wrongful' CCJs.

In this scenario, Parking Eye appears not to have complied with its data protection obligations to process accurate data (Principle 4 of Schedule 1). One of the UK's leading data protection barristers instructed by us thinks there is a strong case against them. We would agree: it would cost Parking Eye 50p to £1 to check someones address on Experian before suing them. Not too much to ask.

"ParkingEye's liability would be £15m"

Assuming each 'wrongful CCJ' victim is entitled to £5,000 compensation each – and this is on the low end of the scale – one similar case gave £8,000 for a damaged credit rating – ParkingEye's liability would be £15m. If we assume that actually 7,000 drivers have wrongful CCJs, and that each of them can get in excess of £8,000 each, their liability is £56m+ in compensation payments.

£15m or £56m+ – either number far far exceeds their assets – and would have to call it a day.

The irony is that Parking Eye is officially the most litigous parking firm in the UK, and in their attempt to maximise revenues from drivers who overstay in their car parks, this may end up costing them their entire business.

Do you want to see this happen, and people compensated?

If yes:

  1. Check to see if you have a CCJ against your name. If yes, join the class action to claim compensation for a damaged credit rating. If no...
  2. Share on this article until someone who does have a CCJ joins. There are buttons on this page to share it automatically for you.
  3. Repeat until we get to 300-400 claimants: there we would be claiming for £1m, enough to get started.

I know a lot of you are passionate about the parking industry and seeing things put right. This is our next best shot to do it: 2015 was the year of Beavis, and 2016 can be the year of the Parking Eye class action.

All we can ask for is a share on Facebook, forums etc of the class action – the link is here – to get this case to court - we need to find the wrongful CCJ victims – who knows, you might be one of them do a credit check . We can put together the legals and the funding, but we need your support through word of mouth, social sharing and so on to get the eligible claimants this campaign needs.

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